What do you want in life?

I love crafting and making pretty things.

I love working with girls…teens…young women…moms.  

I love the outdoors, sunshine, the birds and squirrels that call my backyard their home…my trees and the flowers in my garden. I am grateful to the Clarno’s – the people that owned this house before me – and their love of gardening. 

I love helping girls discover how unique and beautiful they are…

I love creating new ways of sharing this information with them…new ways that spark their creativity, foster trust in their Self, belief that they matter.

I want to teach them about sisterhood and why it is so important that we cheer each other on.

I want to support them and their mothers as they become young women- women all – in what can sometimes be a difficult, confusing, anxiety-provoking, less-than-confident journey through life.

So this IS what I do and is pretty much all I have done for the last seven years. It is my passion and mission to support girls and women become the women they want to become. Have the lives they want to have.

I make my dream reality by providing  transformative life coaching,  soul-enriching summer camps & playshops that are alive with magic, and nourishing, creative mother/daughter events.

What do you want in life?

Join me – become part of this tribe.

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