Coaching with Candace


Does your daughter need help with

  • Confidence or self-esteem?
  • Moving to a new school or town?
  • Dealing with divorce or separated parents?
  • School stress?
  • Friendship issues (aka girl drama)?
  • Her changing body, her body image or hygiene?
  • Dating/romantic relationships/break ups?
  • College selection & application process/Choosing a career or major

Do you need help…

  • Reaching your goals?
  • Starting or growing your business?
  • Starting over after divorce?
  • Creating a happier, healthier relationship with your daughter?

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, you are in the right place. 

How to begin Coaching with Candace:

  1. Email me using the form below for a  complimentary 20 minute consultation. If we are a good fit, move to step 2.
  2. Book your Session. I offer several coaching packages to fit your needs . Take your pick. 
  3. Schedule your First Session includes at least one parent. The three (or four) of us will establish the goals for our work together.  It’s a great time to ask all the questions you want and share more about your concerns. During that time we will decide where we will meet. Most parents want their girls to meet with me after school  which can be a very busy time for many families. I try to make that easy for you by providing many different meeting location options.  My office, home office, your home*, a local coffee shop* or virtually, via Skype or FaceTime. *Travel fees may apply.

Office Location:

Inside the Bank of America building located off  Mopac Expressway
3301 Northland Dr #217, Austin, TX 78731
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Book a Single, 90 minute session and become Your Biggest, Brightest, Dreamiest Self, Transform Your Energy on the SPOT so you can Make Room for Your Dreams. 

$165 -any unused time will be credited for future use

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Need more support? Purchase a Weekly or Bi-Weekly Coaching Package to create lasting change.


Jenn & Savannah“Candace’s counseling and coaching has been invaluable to my daughter and I over the last year. Before working with Candace, my daughter was having issues with friends at her new school. She would come home from school upset and her confidence absolutely plummeted. Our relationship had become strained as well. I was beginning to feel like I was failing as a mom and didn’t know what else to do. After working with Candace, my daughter’s confidence and self-esteem is up, she is able to successfully deal with friendship issues at school, and is better equipped to handle her emotions. I can’t thank Candace enough. ~ Jenn Blau 

ruth-hughs-testimonial-photo” Young girls are trying to find their place in the world and learning how to interact with each other and get along and sometimes that can be quite challenging. Candace provided the extra support I wanted to give my daughter in navigating friendships through her Friendship 101 workshop.  All of the girls in our GirlScout troop benefitted by appreciating their value and it increased their self-esteem. They learned that real friends should be a positive influence in your life and encourage you.  They also learned that ultimately you need to be your own best friend to be a good friend.  I would absolutely recommend Candace to others!” ~ Ruth Hughs


I am very thankful for Candace and her work. My daughter was going through peer pressure and emotions that she did not understand as she was becoming a teenager. We are also a blended family – which has it own challenges – and she is introverted, so I was having a hard time reaching her. Candace helped her learn how to express herself and her needs while holding my daughter accountable for her role in maintaining a good relationship with me. Prior to working with Candace, my daughter did not give many verbal acknowledgments that she was actually listening to me. After working with Candace, she has improved so much! Now she asks for what she needs, makes an effort to spend time with me and happily participates in family activities. I felt like I had lost her! But now I feel that I have her back and she is as happy as she’s ever been! We have a closer bond that I believe will last a lifetime! I would recommend Candace to anybody who would like a closer relationship with their daughter or who might be having difficulties in any “girl”area. She is very easy to talk to and helped me very much as well!  ~ Angel Goff 


julieharkinI first met Candace when I enrolled my daughter in her Friendship 101 class a couple of summers ago.  I thought this would be perfect to give her some extra tools before going to middle school and to help maneuver issues she might face there.  She not only had a great time but was also armed with practical advice for handling sticky situations.  After that great experience we continued on to the Radiant Girls group where my daughter met with Candace weekly along with a few other girls.  Each week when I’d pick my daughter up from her meeting she had a renewed confidence and appreciation for her own uniqueness.  I have and will continue to recommend Candace and Smart Cookies to all my friends, Candace is relaxed and open with a keen ability to bring out the best in people. ~ Julie Harkin


screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-6-33-28-amOur cheerleading squad ran into some hiccups this year with girl drama, poor attitudes and sportsmanship.  I brought Candace in to help and the results have been amazing. Candace has guided our squad through these tough times and brought the girls together as a team.  Our team is totally transformed.  The girls have a renewed sense of  team spirit and positive attitude. It has been thrilling to watch girls who once had trouble becoming friends exhibit care and concern for each other.

The methods and activities Candace used cheerleadergave the girls insight into the ways they may have been contributing to the team’s problems and ways they could improve, all without causing anyone to feel bad. The girls particularly loved the magic carpet activity and, through it, gained valuable insight into the ways they could work better as a team. We appreciate Candace’s expertise and highly recommend her to other cheer squads and teams who may be struggling with similar issues. Thanks You Candace! ~ Judith Gore, Cheer Coach, Chisholm Trail Middle School