Mothering & Daughtering with Art & Soul Workshop

I’ve been wanting to revamp my Mothering & Daughtering workshops for a long time.  I finally got around to it and hosted the first one a couple of weeks ago with the help of Denise Dews, artist/teacher/soul sister and owner of  Sacred Arts Studio in Austin, TX.

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The workshop itself was magical…Imagine an art studio full of mothers talking about the dreams they hold for their daughters. Daughters telling the group all the reasons why they admire their mothers and how they wished their mothers could stop being so hard on themselves.  Then I led them through a series of exercises to help them create the kind of relationship they want to have now and in the future. The room was filled with connection, sharing and love.

Mothers learned how to stay close and connected to their daughters, especially through the pre-teen and teen years, when girls tend to pull away. Daughters were surprised to learn that their mothers could be their life-guide. All they have to do is listen.

Look at these beautiful collages the Mothers & Daughters made together…